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Rank Bonus Rules

Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB)


The Customer Acquisition or CAB bonus is a bonus that will pay only on your retail customers. I do not receive commissions on my own order at all for this particular bonus. When I go and I sign up a retail customer, we can configure the system to pay either a percentage or an amount. That’d be a flat dollar amount every time you have a customer with an order. Some people have customer acquiring bonuses. We can use this for something like that. We set it to amount, and for every customer, you have that at least has an order, then you’ll get that flat dollar amount per person unless you want to do it by percentage, which is usually the most common.

The two ways we have of calculating this is it can pay on the commissionable value that’s assigned on the order. Doesn’t matter binary, unilevel, matrix. All three allow for defining their own commissionable value in those systems. If you decide it’s going to be on CV, then it’s going to go ahead and calculate and pay off of that. If you decide retail value, however, it will pay on the retail value that they paid. That also accounts for any preferred customer discounts. If they received a discount, you’re not going to get paid on the full retail because they didn’t pay the full retail. The system does adjust for that.